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The Perfect Opening Workshop for Your Event

Claudia is an exceptional speaker and facilitator, making her the perfect choice to take your event to new heights. Backed by a proven track record, Claudia captivates and energizes your audience, establishing an atmosphere that nurtures creativity and collaboration.

As a facilitator, Claudia skillfully guides discussions and activities that promote collaboration and elevate communication within your team. Her interactive approach guarantees active participation from every attendee, encouraging open dialogue and exchange of ideas.

When you select Claudia for your event, you're not just securing a speaker but bringing in a force for positive transformation. Whether your goal is to elevate team morale, sharpen problem-solving skills, or improve overall results, Claudia's presence is an unquestionable asset that will significantly contribute to the success of your event.

Specific to your needs

The 2-hour workshop is completely tailored to the needs of your industry. It is also fully experiential and will give each participant one actionable and brilliant idea they can take with them.

Generates trust

Light ice-breakers and inclusive collaboration will get your participants entertained. A sense of trust will spread and result in cooperation and networking.

Inspires your participants

Together, we will create an atmosphere in which absorbing and exchanging new ideas will empower participants to think creatively.

Everyone wins

When your participants get to know each other, brainstorm, and play, your event will be off to a successful start.

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Why this workshop?

If we have met before...

If you have participated in one of my workshops, you know how my "power-facilitating" can bring unity and enthusiasm.

Investing in people

Having your attendees talk to each other without fear and feeling safe is one of the best investments any company can make.

The result

When people feel enthusiastic and cared for, they produce their best ideas, show their best selves, and have fun in the process.

The bottom line

Companies that invest in smart collaboration generate more revenue.

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